Laminate flooring Malvern

Laminate flooring is a prevalent option in the Australian market, and comes in a wide range of finishes from wood to natural so you can create the look and feel of your room as per your preference. Laminate flooring is great for passages, living rooms, and stairs.

As opposed to popular thinking, laminate flooring Malvern isn’t made out of plastic. In the early years laminate flooring Malvern looked as though it was made of plastic but the look has improved considerably because of advancements in manufacturing technology, laminate flooring Malvern looks as though it is strong hardwood or stone, but is considerably more affordable.

Laminate flooring Malvern is made up of 4 layers; wear, design, core, and the back layer. Each layer fulfils a particular purpose and are fused together utilizing high temperature and extraordinary weight.

Laminate flooring Malvern makes incredibly strong flooring as a result of its multi-layer structure. It is impervious to scratching, fading, and is easy to clean. Laminate flooring Malverns sturdiness makes it ideal for use where there is heavy foot traffic like family homes with children and pets going around. It is useful for kitchens and showers as well if legitimate safety measures are set up like water resistant layer, yet it isn’t prescribed for areas with high dampness.

KLD Flooring is your local laminate flooring Malvern specialist and the number one choice for the best in quality laminate flooring Malvern. For more information on our options available in Melbourne or elsewhere across Australia, get in touch with one of KLDs specialists by calling us on (03) 9562 6038, or receive a quote online now.

Laminate flooring Malvern


We had our floors and kitchen done with KLD and i couldn’t recommend them strongly enough!
The Floors are stunning, we went with strand woven timber! The process was made easy to ensure we fully understood everything. The installers from …
Charlotte Munson

The owner/manager, Jordan, was more than helpful and willing to give us his time to find something that was right for us. He was very friendly, and came across and very honest and true.
When the layer came to measure the apartment, he was very efficient, quick and helpful. The laying of the whole apartment was done in a day, and the layers were happy and willing to help us move the furniture.
Will definitely be coming back to KLD flooring if need be in the future. Would highly recommend.
Claudine Sand

Jordan and his team were fantastic – personable, responsive and professional – a real pleasure to work with.
The floors look amazing and we’re really happy with them!

Tim Patterson

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